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This is the first draft of a long, long project of preserving my family history.  Letters, photos, and other ephemera can’t last forever, so I’m using the technology at my disposal to keep these archives safe.

My husband and I recently moved, so I found all the old photos and family trees I had squirreled away for “future” organizing.  But the time is now!

It’s my ambition to scan and categorize my collection of photos and papers from both sides of my family.  Since I’m now married, I’ll scan in any in-laws I come across, too.  The photos are legion (at least it felt so when we moved them!).  Very few of the images are  in albums, dated, or otherwise taken care of. Some are truly lost,thanks to water damage and general neglect.  But the bulk are ok and I’m proud to work with them,

Eventually, this blog will have several pages in its little territory here on WordPress.  These pages will hold transcripts of family trees, and links to info on specific persons, and general info on the times they lived in.  I’m working without any current access to family oral history (for the moment), but I’m going to record what little I’ve been able to glean over the years.  Who knows, more might come out of the woodwork!

Links and pages will be on the top of this page, labeled accordingly.  Most of the photos will be stored in the Archives’ dedicated Dropbox, which is a seperate website from this blog (see the Scanned Images link up on top).  Some will migrate over for  decoration, as we can see below, with my great-grandparents Mae and Matt, holding some unknown baby in 1923:


This will be updated when I can, because it’s quite the undertaking.  But I’m working against time here, so these images and memories need to get into a safe format for future years.

If someone stumbles into here with questions or other info (especially military history), please feel free to email me:  

(please copy/paste the email address- I’m trying to stymie spam bots)

So that’s about it!  I’m Liz, and these are my folks!

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